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Smart robotic solutions for order preparation.

Illumo Robotics was created in 2021 by Andrea Inglés and Rémy Saintobert. The company develops intelligent robots to increase the efficiency of order preparation and, more broadly, the logistical processes of e-commerce and retail businesses.


Illumo Robotics offers a robotic sorting solution that triples the most efficient manual productivity, while reducing operational costs. Our technology allows the robot to autonomously identify and manipulate a wide variety of unknown objects that are mixed into a bin.

Andrea Inglés

Founder & CEO

Andrea Inglés - CEO Illumo robotics

Our commitments

To promote a humane, efficient, and configurable logistics.


Multiply the added value of your talents and reduce operational costs.


Increase your efficiency and capacity. Discover how much you can save with Illumo


Each warehouse is different. Discover how Illumo adapts to your environment.

fondateurs illumo robotics
fondateurs illumo robotics

Our Team

illumo robotics


Vincent Villanueva
Expert Developer


Rémy Saintobert
CTO Co-founder

Andrea ingles

Andrea Ingles
CEO Co-founder


Gérald Meurant
Expert Developer

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