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smart robotic solutions for order fulfillment

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triple your profitability

Step into the future of order fulfillment

Illumo enables the distribution of items from multiple manually picked orders. Choose Illumo for predictable and flexible costs, and optimal availability of your operations.

Growth lever for e-commerce retailers and logistics providers.

Explore the future

Increase productivity and profitability in order fulfillment with Illumo Robotics’ intelligent robots

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Fast and flexible robotic picking

Robotic sorting

Illumo Robotics triples the profitability of manual pick-and-place in order preparation. Our solution is a growth lever for logistics and e-commerce companies.

Our solutions

Our solutions for e-commerce and logistics

Our technology enables the robot to autonomously identify and manipulate a wide variety of unknown objects that are thrown in a bin.

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Put wall with manual retrieval

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Feeder for sorting


Features and capabilities of the illumo robotics system

Collection of products from containers with one or several references

Identification of items, packages, or containers using barcodes and/or QR codes.

Two drop modes: fast (typical for soft products) or precise (optimization of package space or for cosmetic products).

Web user application for the management of robotic operations.

Web application that integrates the configuration of installations quickly (different sizes of containers, number and position of these containers, WMS exchanges for different protocols, among others).

Compatible products: clothing, beverages, packaged jewelry, DIY products, cleaning supplies, groceries, parapharmacy items, home textiles, hygiene, beauty, health and wellness, computers, office supplies, etc.

Our commitments

To promote a humane, efficient, and configurable logistics.


Multiply the added value of your talents and reduce operational costs.


Increase your efficiency and capacity. Discover how much you can save with Illumo.


Each warehouse is different. Discover how Illumo adapts to your environment.

Your profits

Return on Investment (ROI) simulation

Return on investment

22 month

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Estimated annual profit

110.400 €

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illumo robotics

Created in 2021, the Toulouse-based startup illumo robotics develops robotic solutions dedicated to logistics in the sectors of retail and e-commerce.


Vincent Villanueva
Expert Developer


Rémy Saintobert
CTO Co-founder

Andrea ingles

Andrea Ingles
CEO Co-founder


Gérald Meurant
Expert Developer

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