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Pick to Tote robotic sorting of products

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Illumo enables the distribution of items from multiple orders that are usually picked up manually.

Automate sorting of your products.

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Gain productivity with the pick to tote robotic system.

The pick-to-tote process involves removing items from a shelf or bin and placing them into a plastic container that contains items from an order. This container is then transferred to the consolidation area using either bin conveyors or a cart, where all the products are checked. Finally, the products are packaged, labeled, and shipped.

Configurable pick to tote

Illumo adapts to your configuration.

Because each warehouse is different and each configuration has its own specificities, Illumo adapts to the number of order bins as well as to their dimensions and layout.

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Features and capabilities of the illumo robotics system

Collection of products from containers with one or several references

Identification of items, packages, or containers using barcodes and/or QR codes.

Two drop modes: fast (typical for soft products) or precise (optimization of package space or for cosmetic products).

Web user application for the management of robotic operations.

Web application that integrates the configuration of installations quickly (different sizes of containers, number and position of these containers, WMS exchanges for different protocols, among others).

Compatible products: clothing, beverages, packaged jewelry, DIY products, cleaning supplies, groceries, parapharmacy items, home textiles, hygiene, beauty, health and wellness, computers, office supplies, etc.


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